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Sectorial Specialisation

One of the success factors of TEAMPOWER™ and an expressive premise for a safer and smoother decision making.

TEAMPOWER™ operates exclusively in the sectors of Civil Construction and Public Works and Metalworking. Specialization allows a deep knowledge of the specificities and needs of the sector, as well as the individual characteristics of each of the professions that compose it.

This orientation together with the in-depth knowledge of the sector allows to increase the efficiency, to optimize the processes, and to reduce costs and times of placement. Simultaneously, it allows the construction of a database in constant updating, of the best professionals in each area. For the client, this specialization translates into more efficient recruitment, placement processes, more productive, with less risk, and with fairer prices.

The sectorial focus allows us to offer the best professionals in the market, in each profession.

These benefits are associated with the advantages of having a partner who understands your business and speaks your language.

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Professional Value

Offering the best professionals, the best prepared and the most apt, implies identifying, valuing and retaining the most competent and dedicated workers. TEAMPOWER™ seeks employees with greater work experience and preferably those with favorable and credible professional references.

All candidates have a minimum experience in the role they propose to perform, which varies according to the level of complexity of the role and the professional degree advertised.

Training opportunities are also available to each professional, leading to the expansion of their knowledge and the enrichment of their curriculum, contributing unequivocally to the improvement of their performance in the field.

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Process Integration

TEAMPOWER™ provides an integrated rental service for the services of experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable employees.

It is a complete, turnkey service, ready to use, which allows the customer to focus on issues directly related to the work or project they have at hand and the performance of their company.

As for the employee, all the necessary conditions are created so that he is only concerned with the proper fulfillment of the work to be performed, being exclusively concerned with the task that is requested.

With this aim in mind, TEAMPOWER™, takes on all the responsibilities that would otherwise fall on the company or the individual worker.

It assumes all responsibility for the management inherent to each particular worker, such as the recruitment and selection process itself, medical examinations, the drafting of employment contracts, enrollment with social security, the processing and payment of wages, the hiring of employees. personal accident insurance, professional training, or the provision of protective equipment, as well as the logistical issues inherent in the relocation itself, such as transport or accommodation, where necessary.

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Personalised Guidance

In the certainty that it is only possible to achieve a good performance with motivated professionals, and that this motivation can only be achieved by providing appropriate working and living conditions, TEAMPOWER™ developed the individual monitoring program.

TEAMPOWER™ has a unique system for logistics and monitoring of employees on the ground, operating 365 days a year. Thus, whenever there is a need for secondment, the highlighted elements are included in the comprehensive monitoring program.

Through the figure of a production and logistics technician, in international cases, and the HR consultant himself in national cases, and despite the limitations often found on the ground, it is intended to safeguard all necessary material conditions, such as accommodation adequate means of transport, the necessary protective equipment, or even the essential conditions for healthy eating.

It is also up to this technician to provide an easier integration into new social and cultural realities, as well as within the companies that will welcome the workers, so that they feel comfortable to perform their duties.

Often this technician is also a mediator, between the professionals themselves and the various parties involved, customers and TEAMPOWER™.

Another clear advantage of this system is the direct way in which it makes it possible to assess on the ground, in an individualized and continuous way, the performance of each employee. This assessment allows immediate implementation of corrective measures to improve the activity. At the same time, it allows a permanent update of the individual information of each worker for future references.

This is the work behind the success and high quality of the services provided by TEAMPOWER™.